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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sorry Baby Cat, No Updates

You started being extra clingy after Christmas, and we thought it was because you felt threatened by Beanie, the new baby in the Arevalo family. Turns out, you have already sensed that I was pregnant. You have just grown extra clingy since... Now you are back to nuzzling my breast and insisting everytime that you are the baby cat, and you belong in my arms, in my lap.

You love milk... Your Kuya seems to have outgrown it.

You love tinola, sopas, nilaga, sinigang and the soup from mussels cooked in ginger. I will admit to cooking them with you in mind, because you always ask for second servings and always exclaim how it's your favorite. I love how appreciative you and Kuya are of my cooking.

And yes, you also love champorado.

And you have taken to our new helper like a kitten adopted... Why you'd even eat meals without us! :)

You prefer banana over all other fruits.

You wear size 29 shoes.

You insist on cuddling (cuddle-cuddle) all the time.

You tell me that I make you sad when you do not get your way.

I just threatened you of going without a meal yesterday after you threw veggies you didn't want to eat on the floor. I would have gone and made you miss a meal had you not been medicating with Prednisone.

You still tend to wake up cranky, and you still tend to be happier at night.

You still like hanging upside down on the sofa. And you look forward to learning judo, because that's what we said you'd do.

You are adding a lot now, even though I had not planned it. You even ask for more IXL time than your Kuya.

You're still really cute when you make those kawawa faces... Pappie and ai still find it gard to stop ourselves from laughing sometimes.

You can be VERY contrary sometimes... And naughty that you get Kuya crying from sheer annoyance. You have learned to tease him, he has yet to learn to ignore you. Your grandparents still tend to be partial to you, because you can stay quiet and still.

But oh gosh, Pappie and I would sometimes look at each other wondering why we ever worried about you not talking. Because darling, sometimes, you'd talk our ears off!

Pappie, bad of him, sometimes teases you for your inability to pronounce some words well... Like those with Rs.

You are still more easy to ask favors from, more eager to stay by my side to help in the kitchen. Of course, you like doing everythinb Kuya is doing and gets frustrated sometimes... But I like that you are not so rebellious about the years you have to wait to grow up.

I worry about you feeling displaced when this new baby comes, because somehow, you are sooooo attached to me. But I have faith that just like Kuya was, you will be resentful and jealous, but also loving and protective as well. I think becoming a Kuya yourself will be a great gift for you.

I love you my baby cat (who used to be Kuya's caterpillar). Stay as sweet and helpful and steady as you are.


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