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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's 2013 and You Will Be Good

You are more verbal now. I think your grandpa will credit his 'project' with that... haha. Where before only I and Kuya will hear you utter a word, now you really know how to call other things and people. Like lolo. Or wiwi. Or Ice.

But because you are not yet really conversant, I don't really know which things you already know the names for. So, I was suprised the otehr night when I realized you knew what a clock was.

You are proving to be harder to manage these days though... sometimes, you will be grabbing toys from your brother, sometimes you will wrap yourself on his leg so he can't get away. You refuse to obey commands and yet insists on doing everything for yourself.

You have a habit of pointing to yourself everytime to indicate that you want the same that Kuya is having, or you're the same that Kuya is pretending, or you want to come along.

You insist on washing your hands on your own, and I do let you climb chairs. Over the weekend, you were triumphant in your climb over the porch seats at Lolo's house. And it was amazing to watch the wonder in your eyes as you played with glow sticks (like hanging them at your feet). Truth be told though, I already spanked you and scolded you profusely (because I never needed to really hurt you, just swat at your bum to make you feel spanked and you'd be all weepy) when at 2 AM, you still refused to sleep.

Your fave sign these days? Hungry. And my gosh, sometimes, we balk at the amount of food you consume. You even prefer the garlic mayo for the Manang's chips when I couldn't stomach it. And where Kuya needs ice cream to eat the Reese's peanut butter cups, you can devour yours from the wrapper.


I love you and want to better communicate with you and understand you. I also want you safe (you insist on running with the tiger that is Kuya, and you easily end up in heaps of bumps and falls).


Miscellaneous FB updates:

Disaster!!! Yamee ripped the cover page of a ball-stick-bird book... I was so dismayed, I couldn't get angry. Plus, I knew he was feeling left out when I'm homeschooling Kuya and doing breathing exercises with him....
 And when I was ready to reprimand... I found silent tears in his eyes!

Kala mo inapi, kaloka!

(Yun nga e! I just said his name yumuko na at nanatiling nakayuko for arnd 5 mins till I picked him up to scold him. Quiver quiver pa ang chin.. Kaloka talaga, Buti sana kung magtatanda talaga at hindi lang nanghihingi ng Famas Award)


Yamee fell and hit his head, partly because Kuya pushed the bed he was hanging from. As he was inconsolably crying, Kuya kept saying sorry. At a loss, Yakee started licking the back of his hand and arm... and Yamee stopped crying while watching his brother in fascination. Then he started licking his own arm and finally smiled.

As I was trying not to barf, Yakee said, "Mommy, it's because we're cats, right?"


Introduced the boys to sugarcane. Yakee kept gagging in the attempt, and he was only nibbling at a stick... So he gave up. Yamee, however, gnawed and chewed and spat out like a pro... And got upset when I wouldn't give him more.

It's shameless how Bunso is a fan of anything sweet!


Yakee has been at us to get his head shaved... And I like Yamee without hair... So there!

Mec  because we pray first and read a book or two to the boys before sleeping, it seems that Yamee had associated the two activities together... He was making the sign of the cross before opening his second book.


Started preparing choco giveaways as Christmas treats... my little elves helped and gave the endeavor greater meaning for me (even if it took Yamee a minute at least to ponder which chocolate ball to put in the bag each time).


Champorado with a little fresh milk and lots of powdered milk... divine.

Yamee having 3 helpings of it... bad parenting on my part :D


Oh gosh... The boys are suddenly quiet at the other house. Do I check on them or continue with the chores (and my breakfast)?

( ahh, tame sila the first time. They just scattered two boxes of toys Nung second time na, Yamee was sliding down the stair rails na, dun na nag-shoot up ang temper ko


A face only I can produce and something I cannot resist.

Sleep na, Yamee!


Both boys reached milestones tonight... Which ended in tears for the Bunso whose creation was knocked over by Kuya accidentally.


Yamee's first time to build something that had form


Yamee will not say PLEASE but will say DIABLO.



Yamee didn't like hearing us call other kids as BUNSO so we gathered some of the bunsos in the family.


Found a note on the dining table from my Dad which said, "please don't eat, only for Yamee".

I hid the note and somberly tasted the fried meat I saw... Then later on told hubs about it and how sad I was that my father could be playing favorites.

Then, my Dad arrived and was all excited about the special food he left for Yamee. Then, he said that we shouldn't eat it coz it's to make Yamee talk.

I froze and asked if it was the privates of a pig and my Dad said yes. Then he asked if we ate it.

Suffice it to say... My father loves our youngest in an old-fashioned way, and I am a little traumatized.

And weirdly enough, both boys like it.


Yamee went missing for a while. Pappie Jojo found him crouched behind MIL's Christmas tree. When asked what he was doing there, he started brandishing and waving a knife he was holding...

Making of a psycho moment... Hehe


Pappie Jojo, Yamee is 43 duplo blocks tall.
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