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Friday, October 12, 2012

Why So Cantankerous, Baby?

It just occurred to me that waking up with you is very different from waking up with Kuya before. You, unfortunately, seldom LIKED waking up... was seldom in a happy mood to immediately play with me upon waking up... seldom smiles or giggles after waking up.

Usually, you'd demand for the breast again and again and again in a frustrated way until you've had enough.... or I've had enough.

But lately, you have also started switching on that naughty smile when we're already starting to rerpimand you. It is really so infinitely hard to keep scolding when you're so cute. And yes, Mommy had your head shaved again. You really just look better that way, baby.

I don't have much FB status updates involving you... but that doesn't mean you haven't grown much this past month. Your balance, for example, is a lot better now. You still take falls but a lot fewer :)  You've progressed to jumping off the sofa and some stair steps too.

Sometimes, when you trip or fall, you immediately start scolding and growling at Kuya... even though most of the time it's all you. How cross you look, and how cute.

Just tonight, you pouted at Pappie with your arms on your waist/hips... haha. You like pouting... and you like Mommy doing things fory you. How you resist Pappie or Ate Nene helping you wash hands or change you when I'm around.

One very great thing is... you are more amenable to brushing your teeth now. Love it!

And you sign more... and are more verbal. Now, Pappie and Tita Grace have heard you say "aho" (taho) and "bye" and you like immitating Mommy by calling Ate Nene for me. How I really wish you will talk soon, darling, though that will also kind of make me sad because then... yet another step from babyhood will be done.

Happily, I have managed to feed you more succesfully these days. It's not that your appetite isn't there (except when you were sick, maybe) but you intend on showering yourself with the food... or throwing them at Kuya.

Sometimes, I still get exhausted when you're in that difficult mode of now knowing what you want. But all in all, you are lovable and cute and sweet. Now, you even like kissing us all one at a time, when it was very hard to prompt you to do so before.

Because I instructed Pappie to lap read to you, your drive to be read to was stimulated that you're now more able to sit through a book (but you still insist on being the one to leaf through it) and you LOVE sitting on our laps.

You still like that naming game where you point to things and expect us to label it for you. That's how I know you're making sense of this world in your own way.

You've developed a bad habit of JUST wanting to eat the icing or butter off food though... tsk tsk tsk.

You amazed me with the Tangrams because your fine motor skills are really so well developed... and you showed how you can sort things, stack things and attempt to make pictures.

One thing that distracts you and is your favorite game to play is getting me to guess which fist has whatever it is you're hiding there. Funnily though, because your fists are so small, we could sometimes see the object and you would refuse to open the fist with the object... you insist we pick the empty hand. Or,sometimes, both fists would be empty (as it turns out) because, what you want me to find is the big object in front of us... or the object is hidden under some canister or box.

You're cute that way!

Kuya has been more patient with you and I wish I can say the same thing about you... haha... but you adore your brother and still perpetually try to emulate everything he does. There were a few times though that I had to let you cry yourself to sleep (and downstairs) this month because you'd insist on playing way into the night (which doesn't help all the crankiness in the morning)... and well, it's nice to know that YOU CAN sleep on your own already.

Next month, you will already be two. Really no longer an infant nor a toddler... and I sooo, sooo love you!


Misc FB updates:

After 1.5 hours of theatrics ('coz he bawled while lying on the stairs) and hysterics (I'm sure neighbors thought I had locked him up in a cage)... Yamee finally fell in an exhausted sleep.

Now... I dare not transfer you to the bed lest you start wailing again.

I think I will really invest in these multi scarves just so they can play pirate and ninja in style :D


First... I heard Yamee's soft, pretend whimpering. Then, a repeated soft wailing for "Mama". When I turn to look at him, he was sitting, his back against a wall, covered all over by a blanket.

If this was the first time it happened, i'd have probably screamed in fright.

Talk about crazy kids :D


Their current brotherly trick is jumping from the headboard of our bed together...

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