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Monday, September 3, 2012

Yamee Baby: Quite Contrary

Heaven knows how much I love you, Mahal... how I am struck by amazement and and a tinge of sadness every time I hold you close and realize that you're no longer a baby (but like Kuya, you'd always be MY baby). I really cannot stop myself from nuzzling your neck and hugging you, somehow hoping that time will stand still for a while, and you'd stop growing at the rate you're going.


I love you so much.... but I also want to just lock you in a room and have nothing to do with you at times when you're being very contrary.

I find myself selfishly praying that you'd talk already, just so I can understand better. I guess, in a way, my prayers were heard and are being answered... because you're more willing to sign now. You still don't know enough for us to communicate properly in terms of activities or meals but it's a start. And you're babbling more... and more willing to repeat some words/sounds (like Banana and Nene). Based on my non-expert opinion, I'd say your language development is behind by 6 months to a year compared to other toddlers. But much as I want you to talk already (if only to assure myself that you aren't mute nor have speech problems), I'm cool with that. It is what it is.

But you are VERY CONTRARY.

I know Kuya went through a phase like that... when you want everything and don't want everything and nothing I can do can please you. But Kuya didn't start and end our days with tantrums. Bedtime is sometimes a battleground between us... and I sometimes can't help myself being cross for the better part of the morning because you chose to kick and scream and whine upon waking up.


You hate it when Kuya demands a toy back. You hate it when Kuya wants the toy that you got. You hate it when Kuya leaves without you. You hate it when Kuya goes first on something.

BUT you are now Kuya's true-blue playmate. In fact, Kuya earlier told me that I got pregnant because he asked God for a playmate.

And you're always easy to, and eager to share.

And your fave imaginative play is going around pretending to get things and put them somewhere (like in a bag, or your mouth).

We bought you a notebook of your own when you kept trying to be allowed to use Kuya's notebook... but you didn't like the new notebook and preferred the BIG scratch book.

Your method of saying hello to our plants is to try and pull them (you  killed two mongo plants the minute we got back home).

When you're being naughty... your father sometimes can't help but burst into laughter because you either look soooo much like me, or sooo much like your grandpa.

And you attract insects like crazy... you have so many itchies on your legs (which you scratch) and arms and legs, you look like you're a streetchild :D

And man... your appetite for meat and strong flavors is a little disgusting for me (tomato and garlic dip, and you try to drink it! ewww).

And I thank God that I have finally figured out how to brush your teeth properly... I let you brush me while I brush you. That's the only way where you'll allow me to really clean your mouth.

I love you Yamee... I have told hubs that IF we have another child... I really want it to be a girl, not just because I want a girl, but because I want you to be BUNSO forevermore. The girl will be PRINSESA :)


Miscellaneous FB updates:

Upon seeing what looked like a baby centipede, Yamee's initial reaction was to mock-eat it off the floor.

Suffice it to say, I felt weepy inside and asked God again why He gave me boys.


Yamee... on the other hand, has just shown me that he can sort Lego blocks by color :) And line them too! (posted Aug. 23)

YES... all the bumps and falls and crashes didn't damage their brains!


Biruin mo... same face shape :D

(but Bunso isn't happy you have a baby girl in your arms, mahal kong Jojo)


Yakee to Yamee: If you cannot sign or talk, I will not let you borrow my toys.

tsk. pressure!

(and your expression showed you understood that Kuya was asking you to do something you still cannot do... awww)
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