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Thursday, January 20, 2011


There's really not much you do yet, except sleep and feed. But lately, you've been mastering the art of thumbsucking but you're still failing miserably. I find it funny how you'd get upset because you cannot put a finger in your mouth properly and when you do, it turns out that it's still not what you want.

You're chugging 4 ounces from a feeding bottle already when am away. And happily enough, no more gas from bottlefeeding. You're also getting used to sleeping beside Kuya and do not mind much when he's all gigil on you.

You still look a lot like him, it's really like deja vu all the time. Oh, but you still sound like a cat and Kuya never did. And you like having conversations now, which makes everyone just really adore you.
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