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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Master Immitator

Darling, there are no words to describe how much I adore your pursed lips when you're concentrating on your play, and how I'd laugh inside when you cry because the play dough containers wouldn't stay stacked... or when you feed yourself or prompt me to feed you MY peanut butter sandwich...

Lately, you're obssessed with putting lotion on your tummy... and my tummy. Obssessed with bottles with caps too. And immitating everything your Kuya does, like climbing stairs (and I don't mean the steps), jumping off ledges and just allowing yourself to take a tumble.

Yesterday, Kuya and I were over the moon when you immitated us as we sang "open and shut" for you.

You are so cute, so lovabale, so you.

And I am still the center of your world. Once, I got upset and scolded you for dropping the remote for the nth time, and your lips started quivering and it sunk in that Mommy meant business. Your father was ready to play good cop but you rushed to me with open arms and cried within the folds of my shorts. And that is why, I rain kisses on you...

Kuya's back to school and I relish all the mornings we'd have to ourselves. I am looking forward to getting to know you more, without Kuya competing for attention, and without me competing for attention with Kuya.

And one thing that I really appreciate is that it is easy to ask things from you... hopefully, Kuya fully realizes that so that there'd be no more grabbing from his end, and tears from you.

(Yes, I still wish you'd start talking already but I am not really worried. In a way, I love just watching you.)


Miscellaneous FB updates:

After repeatedly banging his head lightly on the bed railing, Yamee is now mock-crying.

He is scaring me with this glimpse of things to come.


I feel like the pied piper when I sing and the boys start packing away as if they can't help it... haha.


At bedtime these days, I'd have a son who'd talk to himself till he falls asleep... and another one who 'practices' crying while nursing.


How do I stop rough play, when both boys are screaming with glee? STRESS. (because you keep hitting your head on the wall or falling off the bed, or you keep jumping on Kuya's back)
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