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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flexing Abilities

Last week, you went through three consecutive days of bad falls... mostly because you like jumping off the bed now or sliding down the sofa back rest. But for what it's worth, despite the tears, you were also always more upset that we're not letting you 'go back on the horse' :)

And, you can go down the stairs now really well... that I need not worry that much.

Unfortunately, with you flexing your arms and pushing your limits, meal times are proving to be a struggle lately since you're more intent on showering the dining area with food... which is really a no-no.

I love that you generally acquired the habit of packing away, especially when Mommy and Kuya are singing you the song.

You love showing me things, playing with coins and having shoes on. And just seeing anyone put on proper clothing gets you waiting by the door, ready to go, even if you're not coming along.

At swim class though... you're such a baby that you wouldn't respond to the teacher's cues. It took you up to the 5th class to even warm up enough to smile. And you're only just kicking and splashing the water (in public). You love it though when you're with Kuya and even jumped off a ledge on your own at the baby pool, immitating the big boys.

Your charisma is undeniable... people are just drawn to you, even other young boys.

And forgive me if, when I scold you sometimes, I love watching your lips go a-quiver with your head bent, trying your best not to cry. Hay darling, you are too cute! And I think you're getting sick that Mommy is always kissing you and squeezing you close... but you see, you're really becoming less and less a baby and more and more a little boy... just like Kuya.

I love it that you signal when you're about to poop.. which should really get me started on potty training you. We might as well save big bucks there, right? Unfortunately, you would still pee on the bed with narry a care if left without a diaper.

Your favorite game to play with Kuya? Pretending to be a ghost (complete with bedcover or blanket on you) while going after your older brother. And messing with the play dough.

You're exploring now, testing your boundaries and getting to know the world. I hope Kuya and I are showing you how magical it is... and that you're learning to trust your body :)


My FB updates about you since Feb 1:

Hay... the son I thought just wanted me close turned out to be doodling all over my arms and clothes pala.

With a purple permanent marker to boot!



I will gush because I really, really love this shot I took... that face!!!

I must have done something good :)

Waking up, Yakee wanted to just cuddle with me. Yamee woke up, saw us, and immediately hit his brother. Thus, our morning has been a series of fights between the two... and I am wondering which ones I lock up inside a room, them or me.


But having more than one child really gets a parent appreciating what "unique" and "individual" means.


The second time we met, I took Pappie Jojo here... almost 6 years after, we got married in the small chapel here.

Now... it's the place to bring our energetic sons to.

Suffice it to say that Paco Park will always be magical for us...


Yamee just played pretend ...preparing food and eating, that is. Arevalo talaga!


We greatly appreciate the loot sent through this box, Lola, Lolo and Ninang XiAh ... but the box is really the priceless gift... we keep having a grand time because of it!

- Yakee and Yamee


I believe this is the first time that Yamee kissed anyone of his own volition... and he chose to kiss his brother.

I told Yakee.."see Kuya, I think Yamee kissed you first because he loves you best" to which my eldest replied, "yes, he loves me because I share my toys" :) *March 11*


Tita XiAh, here's a picture to hurry you in going back to the Philippines. Don't let us keep growing pogi without you... Ice, Yakee and Yamee :)


Had to console two crying boys... Yamee bit his Kuya, enough to scrape some skin.


Great. Both boys eperimenting on how to break the electric fan through the use of paper, small toys, pens, etc.


I am a true-blue Arevalo. More meat please!


Ninang Josephine, sinamantala ni Mommy na hindi ka na makakakontra sa gupit na gusto nya para sa'min... pero bagay naman diba? In love ka pa din? :)


STRESS... Yakee inserted a bead he found in a nostril and was showing off to Yamee... and it got stuck.

The mom in me was super upset as I was trying to get it out... but I also couldn't help but remember someone I knew whose son inserted a battery up his nose, so I also couldn't help but laugh at how typical this incident is... so Yakee also kept laughing while crying as I pushed the bead out.

Hay Pappie Jojo... your sons ha!
(I say sons 'coz Yamee just wrote on his face again... May 9)


Teaching Yamee the parts of the face is an exercise in icky... for me.

He can't seem to point to his nose without having to insert a finger in a nostril (and because I don't want to reinforce, I ignore) but when we move to our lips, he insists on putting his finger in my mouth.

And so, I quit. :D


The best happy problem in the world for a mom... having your boys compete for reading time with you.
(but mostly you just like pointing at pictures... I know you're trying to tell me something about them and i'm just sorry I don't understand you that well yet)


Scary Crazy.

Yamee wound the bedcover around him and just sat by the wall... we just saw him rocking himself there, waiting for us to find him funny. After that, he chased his older brother around with the bedsheet still covering him, playing ghost.


Yamee found some rubber part from I don't know where... and happily showed me how he managed to stick it up his nose.

His brother's brother indeed.

(it turned out to be part of your father's earphones... hehe)
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