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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Delayed Summary for my Bunso

His turn now... With this particular fire hydrant.


Batang Pinoy = Arnis (Haha, ekshuli, these will be our exercise sticks for years)


Mahal Mec ano ba naman ang anak mo, pumunta lang ako sa kabilang bahay, nahuli ko nang naghahalungkat sa baonan! Sana di makita ni Momsie Sonia ito, baka maisip niyang bilihan ng bilihan ng kung ano ano si Yamyoy! — with Bbee Kkhaa and5 others.


Awww... Perstaym that Yamee said "i love mama" and "i love papa"

Prompted by raisinets... But still.. Awww


First... Gather dry leaves. Then, sit down somewhere and taste them.



One thing that really makes me super happy these days is Yamee talking more, and using words more to get his point across.

I know in my heart he just really likes taking his time in that aspect... But I was also ever afraid that I was in fact, in denial.

Thank God for validating my instincts... And for the gift of better communication these days.

His fave words though are 'hungry, water, milk, crunchy and ready'.... It's a wonder he isn't obese, haha.


Sana lagi silang masaya sa kahon lang... Hehe 


One of the toy sets that's mostly intact... Here he is consoling himself for being left behind by Kuya (who has swimming lessons).

Momsy Sonia... He built that himself!


Yakee is teaching Yamee about the Solar system... Love it! 

Yakee: See, here, this is Mars... That is Saturn. 
Yamee: Ert.


As is my habit, I tell my kids 'i love you' all the time. Over dinner last night, after eating so heartily, I told Yamee I loved him... And he promptly responded with a 'love you' reply.

I'd have given him millions of dollars if I had any... Haha... But instead I gave him more pandan jelly. 


Last night, in the middle of Yamee's tantrums... I insisted on 'waiting for him to calm down' while lying there beside him, conflicted on how to handle his tantrums. Sigh.

Where can one buy a better sense of calm?


Pappie Jojo : Bunso, say dolphin.

Yamee: Fish.



First attempt at Superhero gloves... Good thing Yamee won't complain of uneven stitches and amateur handiwork.

Finally braved the crochet hook again... I wish there are words to capture the wonder in Yamee's eyes when I was fitting his Captain America glove on him. 

As I started tackling the peed on toys, yamee came to me clutching a bag of banana chips. I told him I'd open it later (since we just had lunch and I was busy).

So... After a while, I thought to check on him and found him biting on the bag while waiting in a corner. Yup.. Like a dog, hehe. 

Asked him, was he very hungry? He gave a loud YES. 

Sigh. He really only says yes to food.


Yamee... we sometimes pretend you're a cat, true. But you are not going to play with my 100% cotton/wool yarns.


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