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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Separation Anxiety and You

Nobody should be surprised that you're more attached to me. But lately, it can sometimes take on wailing proportions that result in vomit... to think I'm leaving you with your father, and I was only going downstairs to pee... or store milk in the other house.

You are finding more ways to navigate barriers, and are far too eager to emulate your older brother in scaling the stairs however way you can... even if you go climbing and hanging like a monkey... much to our stress.

You're growing sweet... would even let complete strangers hold you, and you'd be so huggy in their arms, as if you're going to sleep there. You know your extended family and would sometimes choose Momsy over me, only because she brings you outdoors.

And gosh... how you love being outside. And how crazy you can get with animals. You are like your Kuya that way.

Sometimes, you make sounds that sound like words... but it's weird that the most distinct I hear (aside from Mama and Dede) is WATER :)

This afternoon, you alternated on breast milk and pomelo... and insisted on having more pomelo after dinner. But you said NO to ice cream... which was a relief because it implied that you're into FOOD, not just sweets.

Your next blood extraction is coming up, baby... and I am worried. I really hope your blood results will be more normal now.

And by the way, I really pray you would stop hitting people in fun or when you feel threatened... especially Kuya. I know he's not perfect but he's trying... and I am raising him to love you more than he loves us. That's the way it should be, baby.

I kiss you more and more (and your paternal Lolo loves 'nibbling' on your ear!) because you may really be our last baby... and sigh, you're not really a baby anymore. Why, just this afternoon, you've rejected two pairs of slippers and insisted on your old ones... even if your feet is bigger than the shoes.

Oh... finally, you are growing your 7th tooth!


My FB alerts of you this month:

First time Yakee cried because Yamee bit him.

Good luck to us all when Yamee finally gets all of his teeth.


Yamee treating the mayo as lotion and slathering it onto his body.
And treating lotion as mayo, and eating it.


On my way home yesterday, I was finally able to text back and forth with hubs. He texted me about a fire near our street. I asked him if Yamee finished all my expressed milk. He told me he hasn't given it to our child so I told him it would go to waste. Then he texted me, "I tell you about a fire, and you're worried about your milk?"

Only breastfeeding moms will understand :D

(I normally throw kasi BM after 3 days if unused... and the next time i'd be gone will be Thursday pa. I seldom freeze kasi (old ref, need to defrost every week or so), and I hated knowing my bunso went w/o my milk the whole time I was gone :D)
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