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Friday, March 4, 2011

Barfy Boy

You got a fever last Saturday... the first time you were sick. You have also been a lot fussy the day and night before that. I tried giving you Tempra when your fever reached 38 degrees but you barfed it out, along with milk inside you. I tried giving you again but you barfed again. So we took you to a pedia who prescribed paracetamol suppositories.

You did not get a fever again. You're still a lot fussy though. I think you may be teething, and that you're the kind of baby who fusses about it... unlike Kuya.

And you also don't like Ferlin. You barfed again when I gave it to you. Sigh.


Miscellaneous FB updates:

finds it funny that Yamee is telling her which boobie is due by the fist he's gnawing

Yakee helped Yamee roll on his front, unbeknownst to me. Seeing his baby brother wriggle like that while supporting his head, Yakee shouted, "Look Mommy look, he's a caterpillar!"

is listing down the possible kid guests in Yamee's future bday party... ampff, 40 na and am not even thru, haha, mag HK na lang nga kaya kami :D

Nothing beats waking up to a smiling infant... eventhough he can't see you that well yet. He knows it's you anyway.

Happy Year of the Rabbit!!!
(this is what Pappie does to me when Mommy ain't looking)

Kinda bittersweet that Yamee is now three months old. Soon, he will be eating and crawling and sitting and all na!

just got back an hour ago from Midnight Mercato... w/ Yamee interested in the Manang's chicken we were eating (Feb 20)

was so happy grocery shopping with Yamee in my sling, my back and arms was spared.... but sad that Pappie will be gone for 5 days... thank goodness he's leaving me with a lot of Lindor, I can miss him with chocolates
27 February
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