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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Growing Independent

Just a few days shy of being a year and 9-months old, you're still not talking. But you've grown very self-sufficient... automatically cleaning up after making a mess, climbing shelves to get to pens, bring cups and glasses to me at the sink and packing away after you're done with something.

You love the photo album... and love getting us to tell you whatever it is you're pointing at in the album or in books. Now, you also sorta pretend to take your turn being read to at bedtime.

You still love meat... and just last dinner time, feasted on pickles. You also love sauces and dips.

You like fine motor stuff... pasting things, sorting, doodling... but you can also spend a long time just sliding down the sofa bed, or running around, or exercising with us. It's so cute when you try to jump (and you can, with two feet).

You've also developed this affected big hug for every person that arrives... hehe... which is really sweet. And it's still really hard correcting and scolding you because your lips still quiver, and you bow your head as if you're the most pitiful sight in the whole wide world... then siddle up for a hug.

In your father's own words... you're such a character!


Here are my FB alerts about you since the last update:

Lolo... do you know, I love crabs :)


great, Yamee just ate dust off the aircon


At one year amd eight months, Yamee can hitch himself up over the stair railing and slide down all by himself ... and all in pursuit of doing everything his older brother does.

Kuya is a clapping mess of proud.

The parents cannot quite afford to be.

Stress. (July 17, day of the fall)


Babies sure grow up soooo fast...


Hubby Jojo reinforced some things in Yamee because he found it cute. So, now, Yamee walks around with puckered lips (nguso) and crossing his arms on his chest when he doesn't like something.

Paluin ko tatay, no?


Yamee was his usual exploring self when we heard a rattling/shaking sound... when we looked at him, we saw that he was shaking this canister where Jojo was collecting his kidney stones. Bwahahahaha


more on your fall:

It was like slow motion for me, because somehow, you did land on every step... which was why, even though I felt all kinds of bad and scared, I also knew you couldn't be seriously hurt. You didn't fly off the stairs, you rolled down.

You cried, I held you, breastfed you, and within 2-3 minutes, you unlatched and proceeded to continue playing.... as if nothing happened. That was another sign for me that you weren't seriously hurt. Your late-night cryings lasted longer than that one.

And then at the hospital... you were dancing and exploring and really playful and pa-cute.

Thank you Baby, for being ok after that fall!
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