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Monday, December 20, 2010

You, So Far

You look a lot like your Kuya... and not. Your nose is bigger/higher but your mouth is smaller. Kuya's mouth is fuller and his nose smaller.

I think your face is much more expressive though. I seriously want to record your quivering chin on video, usually occurring when you cry. I just hope you won't use that to get your way as you grow up. Hehe.

Many are saying they expect you'd take after your father: round and with his appetite.

You don't need to be danced nor even bounced to be calmed, but you also like being held so much. Oh, and you make all these little grunts and whines as you sleep, it's as good as crying for I never know when it will transition into a full blown wail... and much as I resent your brother and father for being able to sleep, I also hate them being woken up.

You have a ghost of a pair of dimples on your cheeks.

And I've managed to make three fingers from your right hand bleed while clipping your nails. Weird, when I did it so perfectly the first time.

Dr. Mantaring said you're gaining weight almost 3x than the normal weight gain by newborns. Your Kuya was the same but you do look more rounder.

Oh, and you were out for 5 our of 7 days last week. You even breastfed at the bus station.

You almost fell thrice because you rolled at the most inopportune of times in my arms, and another time, on your pillow. I really must wear you now.

It's not the first time, but it's the longest I've heard you giggle in your sleep. I think I've heard you giggle three times already.

And we just really, really, really love you to pieces.


Miscellanous FB statuses concerning you:

~ believes that you can't be really rich if you cannot sleep. And right now, Yamee must be one of the wealthiest people on earth...

~ Yakee: No, Pappie, that's not a fart. That's a FROG. (after Pappie told Yakee that Yamee is farting)

~ "Arrgh... the brothers keep pooping together! And just when am about to pump!!!"

~ shares (overhearing Yamee crying at the other house) Yakee: "Mommy, get Yamee! Take care of him, Mommy, please, please."

~ hopes that the brothers who poop together, grow up loving each other :D

~ is suddenly stressed... got to start planning Yamee's baptism! Yikes, yikes.

~ is getting frustrated with non-voracious newborn...

~ has quite forgotten how you could lose an entire day just watching a newborn sleep... or how you could lose yourself falling in love

~ thanks everybody with hubs Jojo Arevalo for the good wishes, prayers, cheers and general excitement with us. We are now officially sleep-deprived. Having difficulty recovering but Yamee is healthy and Yakee still loves us. hehe.

also check Yakee as big brother
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