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Thursday, November 15, 2012

You Are Now Two!

I won't deny it, I am still talking to your angels and asking God to give you the gift of right speech. But I am still not overly concerned. It's actually funny that you're sounding out the alphabet along with Kuya and I.

You are more given to petulance lately... and just before your birthday, you were extra hungry, clingy, needy that I thought you might be coming down with something. You have recently taken a series of minor falls that left you more offended than wounded, and you cut my yarn that I had to keep tying them together.


You still like being read to and still adore cars... and is on a perpetual war over a certain stuffed toy dog with your Kuya.

For a while, you wouldn't eat right and would just insist on throwing things and putting the bowl over your head. But I'm glad you're back to feeding yourself again most of the time. I'm glad you like your cloth diapers. I'm glad you can spray water on your own.

I'm not glad that you still generally walk around without slippers on... and would just plop on any ground when you feel like it, even if it's dirty, wet or ant-infested. You're really a boy of the earth, hehe.

Pappie's birthday gift to you is a drum set, which you played with that first day... but haven't played with since. So, here's a pic of you enjoying the gift that first hour:

I can't help but whisper in your ear sometimes, "what will mommy do, mommy doesn't have a baby anymore" because you are now officially a preschooler.  But oh darling, you're still my baby and how bittersweet it really is to see you all grown up and coming into your own (temper, wahahaha).
I love how you'd insist that Mommy and Pappie do things for you, instead of Ate Nene and Kuya (but mind, it's very frustrating too!).
Two months from now, we will begin the parent-child program at St. Michael... and that will be the beginning of our official dates :)
Miscellaneous FB updates:
My sons are soooo lucky. They ended up getting lots of new toys from us and their grandma at the Rob Warehouse sale. So, I told Yakee we have to give away some of his old ones... aside from space issues, I don't want them to have too many toys that they're overwhelmed to do any meaningful play with any of it... and for them not to take care of them because there's so many others as backup.

Good luck to not being hit by toy arrows though... because Yamee was already hitting me with the nunchaku.

The kids enjoyed National Museum so much... because of all the parquet floors and space to run about in... and the echo.

At one point, hubby had to tell other patrons that Yamee was the museum's sweeper/polisher disguised as a kid... because he LOVED rolling and sliding everywhere.

As karma to me letting our 7-year old neighbor babysit my kids for me, Yakee is now going around saying he has a crush (because neighbor girl has a crush on her friend) on his classmate too... and that Yamee has a crush on him because Bunso kissed Kuya.

Because Yamee was throwing a tantrum during lunch (and our attempts at comforting him or distracting him weren't amounting to anything), hubs and I decided we will just let him cry it out and we'd just comfort him after he's calmed down a little.

Yakee came to us brandishing a wooden sword, looking very upset. Then, on the verge of tears, he said, "I am angry to you. I take care of my brother but the two of you don't."

Yes.... sumbatan :D

Two days ago, Yamee showed me his hands filled with some crinkle crumbs and was signifying they needed to be washed. I told him, "No need to wash baby, just go wipe."

He immediately walked past the hand towel hanging by the fridge door and went to the mat outside the CR... and wiped his feet.

Sabi ko nga!

Asked hubs to get boxes from work and he also got some from MIL for our decluttering plans... but the boys have turned the balikbayan box into a slide, and the other boxes into tunnels and 'grouch' homes...

so.. pano na?

Let's just say... you each have your own brand of naughtiness :)

The cemetery was his playground...

Uhm.... my sons know a balikbayan box when they see one. Kinda scary and too cute :D

Wooden toys, here we come!!!

(I was so excited to show the boys the wooden toys... but yamee is playing with the chains and the rope that came in the box, and yakee is preoccupied with the books lang)

Mommy's super sleepy making this, darling, but oh.... how bittersweet it is for me that our baby is now 2!

I am loving your pout baby!

Yakee put on a puppet show for us. I wasn't sure which was more wonderful... his attempts at storytelling that way, or the wonder in Yamee's eyes as he watched his Kuya.


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